50 Most Shocking Things In The World Cup What About the National Security Agency? A Succinct Evaluation of the True Facts

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What About the National Security Agency? A Succinct Evaluation of the True Facts

Much has been said in the recent weeks by the federal government regarding the current disclosures about the National Security Agency, but all that can be reasonably ascertained as the absolute truth are the recently disclosed facts revealed to the nation by a concerned NSA whistle-blower, which clearly show that the National Security Agency has, for quite a long time, been monitoring and cataloging the content of billions of private telephone, cell phone, and email communications sent between U.S. citizens. The NSA whistle-blower, Edward Snowden, revealed the illegal conduct of the large amorphous intelligence agency in much the same way that Daniel Ellsberg exposed the Pentagon Papers, and the illicit conduct of the U.S. military in cooperation with the CIA, NSA, and DIA during the Vietnam War. Immediately after Snowden disclosed these facts, the NSA began a ridiculously convoluted disinformation effort calling its intelligence-gathering operations constitutional, and necessary to the national security of the republic. Perhaps before releasing this information to the media, Snowden followed the example of Daniel Ellsberg and took the information to a few high-ranking U.S. senators and U.S. representatives on the Intelligence Oversight Committees, who refused to take any action. I doubt very seriously if these politicians would own-up to having refused Snowden’s request for for public disclosure and legislative action. Ellsberg had very quietly gone to, both, Sen. George McGovern and Sen. J. William Fulbright about the Pentagon Papers before he went to the New York Times. He had endeavored to persuade the senators to disclose the Pentagon Papers on the Senate Floor. Ellsberg had bluntly said that, both, McGovern and Fulbright had been sorely afraid to exercise their oversight authority to get involved in the fray. It was as though the CIA, NSA, and the DIA had something on both senators, which had frightened them into remaining quiet about the illegal military operation in Southeast Asia.

Common sense and a knowledge of U.S. Constitutional Law tells me that if what the NSA was doing was constitutional and necessary to the security of the republic, Congress and the American public would have already known about it. One of the significant hallmarks of a tyrannically repressive government is its clandestine acquisition, and use, of personal information about citizens in order to have manipulative levers with which to control their behaviors. The 4th Amendment of the Bill of Rights states, in text:

“The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

So, if the 4th Amendment could be practically re-phrased in light of the personal papers and effects of the people in the 21st Century computer age, since the use of typewriters, cursive writing, and printing on paper have been widely replaced by the electronic files of computer word processors, it would probably be as the following:

“The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers (encompassing all traditional writings by pen, pencil, and typewriter, and electronic copies of all transmitted e-mails, all electronic copies of manuscripts, and letters) and physical and electronic effects, against unreasonable search and seizures, shall not be violated… “

For instance, if an American citizen creates an electronic file on a personal computer and writes a “last will and testament” on that file, and, then, locks the file in the computer so that no one can access it, that particular electronic document is tantamount to a “last will and testament” written in ink, on paper, and secured in a metal file cabinet with lock and key. The same applies to any electronic document created by an American citizen and stored electronically in a computer. For the federal government say otherwise, would be to deny what is so clearly evident in an age of computer technology. The NSA, FBI, and the CIA have formally responded to prudent logic and common sense by absurdly saying that all electronic e-mail communications, and the attached documents that they contain, of all U.S. citizens, must be accessible to surveillance in order to discover ongoing terrorist plots. This is as ridiculous an assertion as claiming that all pet dogs must be electronically surveilled in order to determine which dogs have the symptoms of rabies. Moreover, if a U.S. citizen uses an e-mail message to electronically attach a document for the e-mail’s intended recipient to see, that e-mail contains the person’s electronic papers, the content of which is protected by the 4th Amendment. Those electronic papers, sent by email, are protected in the same manner, by the 4th Amendment, as are personal papers that are placed in a stamped envelope and mailed using the U.S. Mail.

Since electronic filing and record-making is virtually replacing the paper-and-ink methodology in the public and private sectors, the monitoring, by the NSA, of e-mail messages sent between U.S. citizens, and the attachment documents that they contain (as well as hard-drive and disk-drive files contained on online personal computers), is essentially no different from government agents breaking into a person’s home office and confiscating locked files of paper records. Quite frankly, the fact that the NSA regarded such electronic confiscation as legal, and not a violation of the 4th Amendment of the Bill of Rights, is quite shocking. I am wondering what type of oath NSA analysts, such as Edward Snowden, swear to uphold. Is it an oath to support and defend the National Security Agency against all enemies, foreign and domestic? Or is it an oath to support and defend the U.S. Constitution? I have been discreetly told by several former employees of the NSA that that agency has a large covert paramilitary internal enforcement branch, much like that of the CIA, which ensures that its employees remain faithful to the mission of the infamous puzzle palace. These pragmatic internal spooks try very hard to dispose of their potential whistle-blowers before they actually blow the whistle on NSA wrongdoings. As such, I’m sure that whistle-blower Snowden is probably quite worried about the NSA has planned for him. It is certainly not going to be life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Edward Snowden, like Daniel Ellsberg, very probably had a sincere touch of conscience when he came to the realization that what he, and the other employee analysts of the NSA, were doing was illicit and unconstitutional.

The tragic continuing loss of the inalienable privacy of U.S. citizens has been greatly exacerbated by the federal government’s covert snooping on the random electronic communications between the men and women of the American electorate. It is as though the powerful and wealthy political power-brokers in the U.S. got up one morning and collectively agreed that the 4th Amendment should not stand in the way of their efforts to monitor, and control, the behaviors of Johnny Q. Public. The same man whose powerful words influenced Gandhi to resist the unnatural and immoral controlling efforts of the British government in India, Henry David Thoreau in his “Essay on Civil Disobedience,” also rightly said that “That government is best that governs least.” Most Americans believed this basic principle of prudent governance in the nine decades preceding 1913, and before the unlawful passage of the 16th Amendment (which was not legally ratified) and the unconstitutional Federal Reserve Act. Since that time the federal government has clearly shown that it wants to put all of the U.S. citizens who oppose violations of their constitutional rights under its tyrannical thumb. Since the Gang of Eight in Congress, including Arizona Sen. John McCain, a former Vietnam-era POW, wants to covertly impose a national I.D. card on the American People, and to send the unconstitutional legislation as a silent rider on the thoroughly ineffectual Immigration Reform Bill, the actual pragmatic meaning of national security to the federal government has come to mean federal efforts to keep the People from indignantly responding to a fascist curtailment of their inalienable constitutional rights. Wealthy and politically powerful Feds, like John McCain, have shown their true colors, and how really unpatriotic they are.

As I have stated before, in numerous essays, conspiracies to commit crimes against the U.S. Constitution, and the American People, have simply amounted to powerful federal officers secretly plotting to do terrible things in order to distort the perception of the American public into believing things that are not true. The reality of this statement has been considerably illuminated by the recent facts revealed about the 1996 TWA Flight 800, a Boeing 747 jet airliner that exploded in-flight as it was taking-off from JFK Airport bound for Paris, France. These recently disclosed facts show that the aircraft didn’t explode by accident. During the past two-months, forensic investigators have revealed to the public facts that weren’t reported after the aircraft blew-up, on July 17, 1996, killing all 230 people on-board. Those facts include that, on July 19, 1996, the Associated Press released a story reporting that “air traffic control radar at JFK Airport detected a blip merging with the jet shortly before the explosion; something that could indicate a missile hit.” On ABC World News, on Sunday, July 21, 1996, an eyewitness to the exploding jet, Lou Desyron, reported that “”We saw what appeared to be a flare going straight up. As a matter of fact, we thought it was from a boat. It was a bright reddish-orange color… once it went into flames, I knew that wasn’t a flare.” Also, on July 24, 1996, the “Washington Times,” ran a story reporting that “Several witnesses… saw a bright, flare-like object streaking toward the jumbo jet seconds before it blew up. ABC News said yesterday that the investigators had more then 100 eyewitness accounts supporting the missile theory.” Yet, the official FAA, federal, report stated that Flight 800 had exploded from an on-board mishap, and that it was caused accidentally. As I understand the facts, that initial FAA report, reported by the Associated Press, on 7/17/96, was officially withdrawn in the wake of the numerous eyewitness accounts of something hitting the aircraft in flight. The close similarity between the blatant federal disregard for the 100 eyewitness reports of “something” shot at Flight 800 from the water or ground, and for the pedestrian eyewitness reports of loud secondary explosions emanating from the WTC Towers and WTC Building 7 after the jet aircraft had hit the Twin Towers on 9/11, shows parallel attempts of federal attempts to obfuscate the truth. The official published federal report of the Flight 800 disaster, and the “Report of the 9/11 Commission” deliberately omitted the eyewitness reports that would have conveyed to the public the probability of conspiracies being responsible for bringing down TWA Flight 800 and demolishing the WTC Twin Towers and Building 7 on 9/11. The covert IRS spying on the Tea Party and the NSA spying on all of the American People were separate issues, but I believe that they were both borne from federal conspiracy.

Ask yourselves, to what, exactly, do snoops at the NSA have electronic access if the content of all e-mail and cell phone messages made by U.S. citizens to other U.S. citizens, or to people of other countries, is captured by sensitive computers, examined, and cataloged for future use? If, perchance, one of those NSA snoop-analysts captured and read the private email of a brilliant lone inventor, to a Canadian associate, about discovering, in his own garage laboratory, a new form of energy that would replace the need for the production of electricity and the use of fossil fuels. What do you think would happen? Now, this isn’t at all like an MIT professor discovering something while working on a scientific federal project. On such university projects, all work-products produced by associated scientists for the federal government are owned by the federal government. Instead, I’m talking about a scientist like Fred McMurry portrayed in “The Son of Flubber,” who invents everything on his own. Well, in all probability, the NSA would immediately send the email to the CIA, DIA, and, probably, the FBI, and federal paramilitary troops would soon be swooping down on this lone inventor, probably kidnapping him and confiscating all of the scientific records and files. If the inventor, perhaps, refused to cooperate with the government and hand-over the discovery to government scientists, he would probably be charged with terrorism and placed into a dungeon somewhere until he was willing to cooperate. I saw the heinous things that the CIA and NSA did in Vietnam to prolong a war that shouldn’t have even started in 1964. Perhaps the aforementioned example I made of a lone inventor developing something so futuristic was a bit on the edge of science fiction. Yet, there might be some more geniuses out there among the American population, like the Idaho farm-boy Philo T. Farnsworth, who invented television. If you have a fascist surveillance government spying on everything you do and say, what freedom and liberty of thought is there to enhance unfettered scientific advancement?

Patriotism today is tantamount to agreeing with, and lying for, the federal government in order to keep false perceptions, of what is advertised as political truth, floating among the American public. For instance, do you really believe that the infamous SEAL Team 6 located and killed Osama Bin Laden on May 2, 2011? All you have as proof that Bin Laden was alive at that time, and that he was shot and killed by Navy SEALs, are the statements given by the those sailors. No fully verified photographs were taken of Osama Bin after he was allegedly killed, and no body was presented to the American public definitely showing that it was Bin Laden. I mean, if the death photos of Saddam Hussain were televised by the media, and on the Internet, to the American people, why wasn’t Bin Laden’s picture displayed? If those sailors were ordered to create the illusion that Bin Laden was killed, and to swear that it was, indeed, the 6 foot, six inch Saudi that they buried at sea, would they do it? I’ve known several Navy SEALs, and I believe they would kill their own parents if they were ordered to do so. Navy SEALs are conditioned to take, and obey, orders. If a SEAL refuses to do what he is told, he disappears from the Navy. If they are told by their handlers and superior officers to believe that a person, John Doe, is a terrorist and that he needs to be killed, they will silently enter John Doe’s house, wherever it happens to be located, and kill him. But in the case of Osama Bin Laden, I fully believe that the man died long before 2011, of renal failure. In 2001, he only had one failing kidney, and wasn’t then long for this earth.

What I’m trying earnestly to emphasize in this essay is that, since 1951, the NSA, the CIA, and the other covert intelligence agencies of the federal government have been secretly putting in place what is now an almost inescapable electronic computerized satellite surveillance system for monitoring over 87 percent of the American population on a day-to-day, hour-to-hour, minute-to-minute basis. With electronic computer listening posts set-up in secret places all around the world, those snooping NSA analysts, thousands of them, are monitoring the most intimate and personal conversations Americans are having with Americans and people of other nationalities by way of telephone, cell phone, and e-mail. As Edward Snowden revealed, billions of these electronic interactions have been monitored and processed for their content, and we have only the NSA, FBI, and the CIA saying that over 50 terrorist plots have been discovered and stopped through this horrendous and treacherous violation of human privacy. As a former peace officer, I have realized that the wool can be pulled deceptively over the eyes of a large county about what occurs in county jails. I saw such deception in the San Diego County, California Jails during the 1980s, and personally discovered that supposedly honorable sheriffs, mayors, and state and federal representatives will lie like Persian rugs to save their political derrieres. As such, I fully believe that the federal Executive branch, and its intelligence community, wouldn’t think twice about creating their own little plots of terrorism and, then, falsely claim that their dubiously efficient law enforcement apparatus nipped the plots in the bud through the aid of NSA surveillance before it had a chance to do any public harm. Well-placed media coverage of such a scam would create a false public perception that NSA surveillance is worth while.

It goes much, much deeper, though, than what the average American citizen would think. Cabal, conspiracy, devious federal plotting, call it what you will, but the cruel pragmatism of the federal government created 9/11, not Islamic fundamentalists. The Muslims were the unwitting patsies, and, of course, they have highly resented what the federal government’s imperialistic military has done to the Middle East. So they have fought back defensively on their own ground, in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, and Lebanon; and we call them aggressors. It all seems to be rolled-up in the outright fascism of the doctrine of neo-conservatism, which is the political blend of collective Republican and Democratic objectives to produce a tyrannical end of the American republic. But I pray that it will not be so, and that the true Patriots of freedom and liberty will rise and subdue the forces of despotism, once and forever.

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