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From Fat to Fit and Fabulous

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Kate Stewart.

You will learn some great tips in this interview

Kate on strength training, nutrition, motivation and planning

all aspects of your fitness program. Even more than that,

you will be inspired by Kate’s story and what she has overcome

to get to where she is today.

Keep a few things in mind. Kate works full time,

and she is a single mother of a child with special needs. AND

you’ll tell me you can’t find time to train

and eat right?

If you want to stay young, how you feel, so how

you look, proper strength training, cardio and nutrition

program is the fountain of youth – not diet drugs, or dangerous

doctor’s office.

And oh yeah, Kate managed to lose about 70 pounds, and right away

competing in fitness competitions!

Gregg: What problems did you have in terms of residency?

motivated and disciplined to stick to your nutrition program

and go to the gym regularly? With my readers and

clients, I found the motivation and discipline to stick with and

program to be their biggest obstacle.

Did you find it easy or did you use their tricks?

on track to stay with your program?

Kate: Oh my, this is never easy even for the best

the best. If it was easy, no one would need to lose weight

and we’d all look ready for the stage the whole time. i have

many friends who compete in the Pro’s and even they struggle

time from time. I have to make time and train

work for me and my lifestyle. What works for one person and

their schedule may not work for someone else.

I think my biggest obstacle that comes up from time to time

time is just stress to make it all work and come

together. I am a single parent of one child who has several

learning disabilities and finding a balance between his needs

and my needs are sometimes a struggle. Not to mention

she needs to have a relationship with her boyfriend of seven years.

I had to realize that it’s okay to ask for help sometimes.

Another big obstacle for me was my own self-esteem issues.

I didn’t just work on myself from the outside, but it was

he was working to help the girl inside who was staring at me


I set mini goals for motivation. I don’t like it very much

a long-term goal, but much more pleasure from setting a small one

goals and then achieving them and setting new ones. When you

you see yourself making small goals like lose X pounds

week etc. then it’s fuel for the next goal.

Gregg: How did you get started with your lifestyle? In others

words, what changes you made or what you planned to give

do you have the best chance of success?

Kate: I had to hit an all-time low in my life before I took it

a long hard look at where I was and where I was going. Many tragic

things happened for so many years straight that I lost who

I was on the inside, just as I didn’t recognize myself on the outside.

My mother died of a terminal illness, I had a sister like that

he died of cancer within a year and my son within two months

was born three months premature and my marriage completely fell apart

separately. My ex-husband has told me countless times that my life too

a lot of trauma.

I started with little things like reading all the self-help books

weight loss and nutrition books I found. I tried

everything from weight watchers, south beach and atkins.

I finally read the book Body for Life. It really changed me

ideas about diet and fitness from this point.

Until I read the book… I really only did cardio. I

trained for a few marathons and really burned calories

left me slim but out of shape. So I started eating

several times a day, backed out of all cardio and started

power training. I absolutely loved the physique I was getting

and a nice rounded look to my muscles. I wanted more.

Now I firmly believe that you can plan your whole life

will change without doing anything. You just have to decide that you

they are GOING FOR IT!

Gregg: Preparing for a physique or bodybuilding competition is a

a whole different world from regular old training and eating

“right.” Even the most motivated and disciplined people can struggle

stick to your plan.

Most people look at athletes and think they have it easy

even you (and I!) can struggle with our motivation at times. What

tips will keep you motivated as you prepare for the competition

can a mundane use in his fight to get and stay in shape?

Kate: Well, again, nothing is easy even for the pros. I

believe that the best success anyone will achieve in preparing for a

show means plan, plan, plan.

I spend Sundays preparing and measuring food and storing

it’s in containers. It does my weekdays and packing a lot

faster and easier and takes the guesswork out of what you want

eat every day. Diet is 90% success, so I’m taking great

a lot of time planning my meals.

Never leave home without a cooler of food and water. You never

knowing when something might appear or change and you won’t make it

back home before that next meal.

Also, don’t forget that there is a large part of preparation for the competition

completely mental. For example…today is the first day of my next contest

prep. I already think about food non-stop, even though I do

he is not hungry at all. In these moments, I tell myself that food is

just fuel, nothing more. Sometimes it helps and sometimes it doesn’t


As for the exhaustion that comes from training so much…I have

no advice. It’s just something I do when I want to get on that scene

with my best figure yet. Just do it.

Gregg: Most people think that racers just have to focus on training

and eat right, but most of us work full time. You have the same thing

challenges that everyone else has when it comes to time, but you have to be more

more disciplined than the average person who just wants to get in shape.

What challenges did you have to overcome to stay on track?

your fitness program? Some of the favorite excuses I’ve heard from

people I’ve coached include “lack of time” (both for exercise

and eating right), “eating healthy is too expensive”, “not seeing

results fast enough”, “scales will make me big and bulky”, “have

difficulty keeping up with an exercise routine.” What were the barriers

did you have to overcome

Kate: For me, it wasn’t that I didn’t have enough time. (which me

no) I was asking myself…if someone offered me all the costs

a paid three-month vacation around the world, would you take it?


Well, if I could make time for something like that, then yes

he could take time to take care of his body. Create healthier

lifestyle and stay on this earth and look after my grandchildren

grow. Time won’t be a problem.

The hardest time for me was when it took me away from mine

family. I have a son who has multiple learning disabilities and

she desperately needs her mother. I had to fit him into what I was

he does as much as possible for me. It had been many days since he

he actually went and practiced with me.

Another huge obstacle was that I found out that there were so many of them

people who just didn’t get it. Everyone wanted healthier

body and a healthy lifestyle, but no one wanted to do the work. It

it was always, “One bite won’t kill you” or “You never waste your time with it.”

I had no support in my daily life

then in the gym and with the family.

I discovered that as the body changes, the world can be full

haters. There were so many people who just didn’t like it

me just because i was changing. It was and still is quite

hurtful. People stereotype me as arrogant without realizing it

knowing that I really have a lot of self-esteem issues

everyone else. I just decided to do something about it.

Gregg: How did you overcome these challenges? What specific techniques

have you made your dreams come true?

Kate: If you make your schedule include training, cardio, work

and duties at home and follow it, you can do it. It

it takes time and a lot of discipline. Once you get used to it, you

I don’t want to go back to my old habits. For example during

I didn’t have to get up at 4:00 a.m. for cardio in the off-season, but

he did anyway. I did it because I didn’t want to get used to it

doing it all over again at that time of day.

Gregg: Moving forward and knowing what you know now, what you would like

did they do differently, if anything?

Kate: I wouldn’t change a thing, maybe I wish I didn’t

must work full-time. Engage in some sport or this

sport is a lifelong commitment and lifelong learning.

I know I may never get to the Pro card, and that’s okay

me. I went pro myself when I lost over 70 pounds I changed

my life and being proud of my own skin.

Gregg: What would you do the same way and continue to do it?

do, move on?

Kate: I have my trainer/nutritionist Kim Oddo. He was so good

to me and patient and supportive in everything I do. I couldn’t have

he did it without him. It takes all my guesswork out of my programs.

I do exactly what I’m told and his expertise makes me successful! I

i love my KO!

Gregg: Do you feel like these would be ongoing feedback and motivational tools?

help with maintaining a fitness program? I always encourage my clients

take photos regularly.

Kate: Absolutely. All good coaches will ask this for a reason.

My trainer had told me before that if he could make me look good

then view the photos in person.

Pictures are an incredibly cool idea. Sometimes we don’t think

we change and you take pictures a few weeks later and

it’s like WOW…where did that come from.

I also have great mentors in the industry who are so encouraging

to me. I can ask questions, broadcast my ugly thoughts or even just

need to talk They are there for me.

Gregg: If you had to give advice to a close friend or family member, what would it be?

to follow in your fitness footsteps, what would you say to them?

Kate: I wouldn’t think you’d follow in my footsteps. We are

all so individual in every way. You have to love what you do

and find a way that works for you. Not everyone wants to look like a

figure skater. Find what you enjoy, work out a schedule

you can work it into your lifestyle and commit to sticking with it


Gregg: What’s a typical day like for Kate Stewart in terms of?

training and nutrition?

Kate: Get up at 4am and go to the gym for morning cardio

Home at 6:00 and let the family shower, feed and prepare lunches

and out the door by 7:00

From 19:30 to 17:00 I am full time

5:30 Back to the gym for evening cardio and strength training.

I start eating at 6:00 and eat every three hours

until bedtime. (which is usually around 9.30pm)

My meals consist of lean proteins such as egg whites, protein

drinks, chicken breast and fish. Good carbs like brown rice

and sweet potatoes and lots of green vegetables.

Gregg: What are your future fitness plans?

Kate: I have a very busy year planned for 2007. The first stop will be

Classic amateur Arnold. Then I’m planning the Emerald Cup.

It will depend on how the two competitions turn out if I go then

on and do Jr. USA or if I do Orange County and then

pick up some national level competitions in the middle of the summer.

Maybe Vegas. I have about 5 or 6 competitions planned

next 8 months. It’s going to be a very busy season.

Gregg: Feel free to add anything important you think I might have

missed. Also add any images you want.


I want to thank Kate for being so inspiring and motivating

story. If you can’t motivate yourself to exercise,

Get your cardio and nutrition plan in order after reading this,

I’m not sure anything will give you the kick in the ass you need.

Go to the gym!

To see before and after photos of Kate (Wow!) go to

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