Who Has Qualified For The World Cup 2022 A Review of Bob Proctor’s Program "The Science of Getting Rich"

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A Review of Bob Proctor’s Program "The Science of Getting Rich"

I have written about this topic before, and now after a few months of studying this program what comes to my mind now is wow! If you want to get your hands on something that can really change your life, I mean really change it, then you have a winning path right here, right now, in front of you and ready for you. And I tell you what I’m willing to bet you might be up for it too.

No question. Period. This is some of the best material I have ever come across. As Bob Proctor says, this material itself should have been in school curricula. And the guy is definitely qualified – he’s one of the best in his field. He’s been studying this stuff for 50 years, and you know what? He is living the life of his dreams. And he says you can too!

In fact he says that we all can and we all should. And that it’s okay. It’s just that most of us have been conditioned to believe that we can’t.

Do you believe you have anything to do with what happens in your life? Do you believe you have any control over the results that appear in your life? Or have you thought about it at all, happy to sit on the sidelines as a bystander in your life, just taking what comes? Maybe too busy paying the bills, doing the things we all do in life? Yes, it’s easy to do, but common now, honestly, haven’t you ever thought about what it would be like to actually live?.

Well let’s get started then. What is this guy and his program all about?

The boy and the program are about life. And how you can change yours. If you are interested in the best life you can have. If you want to experience change for the better and learn how you have control over the results in your life.

Bob’s program, “the science of getting rich”, will grab you and open your eyes to the abilities you hold within you and the great life you are capable of. That’s right, each of us are capable. We have let our abilities be taken away from us, period. We had them intact when we were kids. They were simply conditioned by us throughout life. We were taught that they were not important. But we sure felt good then didn’t we? Do you remember the wonderful things you dreamed about when you were a child? The imagination you had? All the things you would do and be? Did you ever have any doubts in your mind about any of them? Did life seem wonderful every day? Now, a question? Do you feel that way now? If so, well done, you are still connected to those skills and power within yourself! You know what though? For most of us, these skills are buried halfway to China. And our lives probably reflect that fact in many ways. Are you satisfied with your life now? Really satisfied? Completed? Do you want to learn how to harness your skills and the power of your thought again to create the life you want? Bob’s program will show you how. How simple.

Okay, let’s go, now the nuts and bolts of the program:


This guy knows what he’s talking about! Look at him-Bob Proctor. See how many workshops he has done around the world. He is rich. He is successful. He loves his life and what he does. He has helped many others achieve what he has done through this material – that is his goal. He deserves to be rich – and so do you!


This is not new! Bob uses material from Wallace Wattles’ book The Science of Getting Rich (1903) extensively and has been studying it since 1961. EVERDAY. This was often “secret” knowledge passed down through generations of privileged and influential people of the time.

Napolean Hill devoted 20 years of his life to studying 200 of the most successful people of his era in the USA, including Henry Ford, Abraham Lincoln as research for the famous book “Think and Grow Rich” which is used throughout this the program.

“The Secret” by Rhonda Bryne, was a result of reading her book Wattles. It worked for him! And she spread it all over the world. Countless people around the world have realized their potential and are living the life they truly want to live! All from the words in that “little green book”.


This is not just about money. Money is one part as most of us have very ingrained concepts about money that affect being rich in other areas of our lives. It has to do with our ability to achieve wealth in all areas of our lives. Money is definitely important as it allows us the wealth of freedom of time and choice in our lives. This is what money frees up for us. Money is constantly on most people’s minds, or the lack of it! Many of us deep down are forever limited in that money only comes to us from our beliefs. The Science of Getting Rich will allow you to change those beliefs! Learn what it feels like when we believe in our ability to create wealth – we all have it, we’re born with it.


This program offers many hours of extensive information from one of the best minds in the business. The equivalent of 20 CDs of invaluable knowledge. Combined with a workbook and interactive capabilities to communicate with other participants. All instantly accessible online. Extremely well produced, with Rev. Michael Beckwith and Jack Canfield taking active roles, also two of the best in the business.


Nothing of value is ever free, yet an incredible value is offered here for the price, which is quite affordable and 100% money back guaranteed. These people are very popular and genuine. What price are you willing to pay for information that allows you to create freedom of time, choice, passion and money in your life? Is the price of a cup of coffee in the morning for a few months worth a chance to achieve this? It was for me, and I listen to this material every day – I really like it.


I’m like everyone else in a way. I have my setbacks like everyone else, but “living” this stuff provides the light at the end of the tunnel when the going gets tough. A big benefit, as this program shows is “you get what you feel”. No matter what I face now, I realize that I played a part in bringing her to me – good or not so good. I know “where things come from now” and you know what, a lot more good things come than bad now. This is practicing what I learned. And making feeling good a habit. I will repeat this. If you make feeling good a habit and practice it long enough, you’ll have the ability to get out of bed every day like you did when you were a kid and feel good almost all the time, no matter what’s going on in your life. A lot of things we do in life are just habits, period. You have the choice to practice habits that help or hurt you. Your choise. You get back what you feel. It works. Ever notice what comes back when you think rotten, depressing, angry, or anxious thoughts? And how quickly do they come? That’s power! You will attract any situation, feeling, person, etc. In your life that matches these thoughts simply because that’s how creation works. Do you ever pull something good when you think it’s because it’s not possible. Thoughts and feelings are the most powerful things in existence, and science has proven this a long time ago. Everything ever created first began as a thought.

Bob Proctor is known as the Master of this, and The Science of Getting Rich will teach you how you can use the phenomenal power of YOUR thoughts, through centuries of knowledge, to achieve anything you desire.

A little inspiration on the power of thought:

Ben Hogan, the best golfer in the world many times running:


Early in his career he was involved in a head-on collision with a bus. He was expected to be dead on arrival at the hospital. He did. The best doctors in the country were sent to save his life. When he survived, it was thought by all that he would never walk again. However, this was not Ben’s opinion and he asked that his golf clubs be brought into the room where he could see them as he would use them again. He was advised not to expect this as he would be disappointed and depressed. A year later he again became the best player in the world.

You get what you expect. You get what you put your thinking power into. Do you think it was easy for him? Not likely, but he believed. What he could see in his mind, he could hold in his hand. There was no other option when he focused his thought only on what he wanted. Not for what he didn’t want, which would have brought him just that. He couldn’t allow it. His thoughts of walking became a habit. He believed he was part of a power greater than himself and waited for his wish to be answered.

His ability to achieve what he did is what Bob explains in this program, and much more. We all have such power of ability, but we get caught up in everyday things and are no longer aware. Bob Proctor thinks we are waking up to this in large numbers and hopes to help with his work.

Some food for thought:

Look out the window at the village. Every tree, blade of grass, leaf works perfectly all the time. Growing up myself. Water flows in the stream. The planets orbit perfectly.

The trillions of cells in our body perform billions of functions every day, in harmony with each other. What drives this? What kind of power cares about that? We can’t see the power behind this impressive mind capacity, but does that mean there isn’t a power behind it? Just because we can’t physically see it, does that mean it isn’t affecting us too? We can’t see the Law of Gravity right? Does this mean it doesn’t work? Hardly. We can find out that it works by taking a look at the results it has on us. And Bob explains best how the power of our thoughts can be measured in the results in our lives.

From: “The Science of Getting Rich Program”

– The greatest minds in Quantum Physics have come to a conclusion after decades of studying matter and physics. It should be borne in mind that these are scientists and live strictly on facts. On proven results.

-With the ability of particle accelerators they have been able to split EVERYTHING on earth down to the point where it is just energy. The same energy from which everything comes and of which everything is a part. Including us. And this energy is influenced by thought. This has been scientifically proven beyond doubt. So the thought “if we can hold it in our mind, we can hold it in our hand” is scientifically proven. Through the power of thought.

Bob Proctor’s program is based on the work of some very good minds and some very substantial science as well. What a wonderful feeling to have the ability to create the results we want in our lives, simply by learning to work with our thoughts in ways that work best for us. And of course he is not alone in this field. This decade trillions have been spent on research into the human mind and brain. Thoughts can actually be measured now with very sophisticated equipment in real time. The proof is before our eyes! The benefits of self-development in this direction can only bring great things to our lives. What a difference we can see in all areas of our lives if we work on this skill within ourselves and learn from what is available. It has never been easier to improve ourselves than it is now. The teachers are there, the material is there, and it’s just a matter of making a choice to learn so we can create what we really want in our lives. We have a lot of control over what comes into our lives.

This is an extremely powerful man and program! I can only imagine the number of people he has reached with his material and what it has done for them.

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